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ASHI Membership

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI - www.ashi.org) is the oldest and leading non-profit professional association for home inspectors.

Greg Sims has met the rigorous membership requirements, is ASHI certified, and combines the highest technical skills with superior customer service.

Since it's formation in 1976, ASHI's "Standards of Practice" have served as the home inspector's performance guideline, universally recognized and accepted by professional and government authorities alike.

A copy of the Standards can be accessed at the link: www.ashi.org/inspectors/standards/standards.asp

ASHI's professional Code of Ethics prohibits Members from engaging in conflict of interest activities which might compromise their objectivity. This is the consumer's assurance that the inspector will not, for example, use the inspection process to solicit or refer repair work.

To become a full ASHI Member, an inspector must pass two written, technical exams (the National Home Inspectors Examination (NHIE), and the ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination). Also he / she must have performed a minimum of 250 professional fee-paid home inspections with reports that meet full compliance to the ASHI standards.

ASHI members are required to follow the Society's Code of Ethics, and to obtain continuing education credits in order to not only maintain their Member status, but also keep current with building technology, materials, and professional skills.