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Pre-Listing Inspection

Having Sims Inspections professionally evaluate your home before you place it on the market is one of the most beneficial and practical things you can do to prepare for the transaction.

Our pre-listing inspection will identify repair issues ahead of time allowing you, the seller, the luxury of addressing them head-on in a time and place of your choosing.

Having the knowledge of what will need to be addressed early will help eliminate those "little surprises" and sometimes "big ones" that can not only create unnecessary stress and frustration, but can also delay closing schedules, or worst yet, cause a deal to fall through.

Taking care of potential "deal breaking" issues before listing the property, gives you a much better position in the sales process. First, it shows that you are doing everything possible to be completely transparent with all disclosures. Second, a pre-listing inspection may prevent you from having to re-negotiate issues which could affect the final selling price. Please see the "Limitation of Liability" page for additional information.