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Pre-Purchase Inspection

One of the most important financial transactions a person will ever engage in is the purchase of a home. Therefore, it is essential that potential home buyers take advantage of all available resources to better prepare them to make wise and fully informed decisions.

Paramount on the list of available resources is that of having a professional inspection of the home.

Nothing less than a complete, unbiased and objective analysis of the house and all of its systems should be expected, nor accepted by the buyer. Sims Inspections provides a thorough, comprehensive and objective evaluation of the physical condition of the house, both exterior and interior.

We recommend that if at all possible the purchaser be present during the home inspection. At the inspection, our inspector will provide the purchaser with a verbal review of the condition of the property, plus recommendations. This dialog will give the purchaser the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the inspector's evaluations.

Our thorough inspection of the property is complemented and completed by our comprehensive written report. The report covers all facets of the inspection.

With this information, the home buyer is in a much better position to make knowledgeable decisions about the purchase of the home.
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