Sims Inspections

Home Inspection Costs

We set our fees to provide a fair cost to our clients for the services they receive, as well as, to compensate us fairly for the work we perform.

We believe in a simple fee structure. As the home gets larger, which will require more time, we request a higher fee.

** Important Notice, please read:

Please see the "Limitation of Liability" page for additional information.

Payment Methods

Inspection fees are accepted by cash, check, or by credit, debit card, and PayPal as online payments.

The fees that are listed below are subject to change without further notice and may differ depending on actual, overall conditions.

House sq. ft. Price
(Under House)
0000 - 2000$350$75
2001 - 2500$375$75
2501 - 3000$425$75
3001 - 3500 $475$75
3501 - 4000 $525$75
4001+ call for quote 
All Detached Buildings $50+ 
Wind Mitigation Inspection Report with Home Inspection$70
4 Point Insurance Inspection Report with Home Inspection $70
Re-inspection of Summary Items$100