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New Home Inspection

If you are considering purchasing a newly constructed home, we recommend that you allow us to perform a home inspection before you have your "final walk-through" with the builder.

A new home inspection may reveal issues that were overlooked in the hustle of completion. Thus, a new home inspection can ensure that these issues are addressed to your satisfaction before you take delivery of the house.

It can be very frustrating and disappointing to move into your brand new home and then began discovering unexpected "surprises" with the home and its systems.

If your newly built home was not inspected after construction, we strongly recommend that you allow us to inspect it before your "builder's warranty" expires (usually one year).

By utilizing this service you may be able to avoid paying for some of those "surprise" repairs that seem to have a way of suddenly appearing soon after the expiration of your warranty period.

Sims Inspections will evaluate and report on the condition of the new home and its systems in the same thorough, technical, and comprehensive manner as we do with every inspection we perform.
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